Install Exceptional in your rails 3 app

1. Configure your Gemfile:

	gem 'exceptional'

2. Run Bundler:

	bundle install

3. Generate the Exceptional config file (config/exceptional.yml)

If you are using bundler:

 $ bundle exec exceptional install YOUR-API-KEY

If you are not using bundler:

 $ exceptional install YOUR-API-KEY

You will find the API_KEY in the apps settings screen within Exceptional.

4. Test everything is working

	$ exceptional test

You will see a test exception in your exceptional app screen

5. Enabling Exceptional for non production rails environments

By default Exceptional will not collect errors and exceptions for the development(default) or test rails environments (as specified by RAILS_ENV). If you want exceptional collecting errors for those environments then you must enable that environment by adding the following lines to the config/exceptional.yml file.

e.g for the development environment

	  enabled: true